The Present Dimension

(A Universal Space)

This Moment is the pinpoint where the past culminates
And flips inside out into the future we create.
In this present flippening, the world stands still
And a whole new Dimension is suddenly revealed.
It's that collective magnetism that joins us in breath
As we gaze up at the wirewalker dancing over death.

It seeps out in the gleam of a newborn baby's eyes,
Or from the pregnant pink of a new day's morning sky.
It slides through every Moment, and hides in the mundane,
Like the multicolored prism beams from a drop of rain.
It's the waterway to Love—and it resurrects our Inspiration,
As a line drifts towards rhyme in divine collaboration.

This Dimension's all around, yet it's always freshly found.
Like an inner-diamond dug from our ancient common ground.
It may tease us with a twinkle, or arrest us in luster
When some strange providence ignites our Sense of Wonder.
Each journey finds its road is lit by glints of Glory,
As cosmic coincidence casts meaning onto our Story.

Put more simply, it's the Feeling of Being Awake—
To the Beauty that flows from the folds of every day.
Whatever makes us feel alive, whatever passions capture us,
Whatever flutters of the heart lift us and enrapture us,
Any Moment of Awe, or natural human connection
Can be a Turnkey to The Present Dimension.

And if we choose to Meet each other in this Center-Place,
We'll greet a grander world in a fantasia of embrace.
For there's a timeless mystery within this very Moment.
And when our eyes are Open, it Shines in — And we Know it.
It's breathing air. Its body's there. A Kingdom comes clear:
You're Alive. We're Alive. Wake Up! We are Here.

This Brand is a wayfinder towards this Universal Space.

If you'd like to explore further, check out This Present Moment, a creative magazine which gives life to The Present Dimension.

This Present Moment