What is
Present Dimension?

The Present Dimension is a lifestyle brand,

inviting you into connection with the Moment.

It is a transdisciplinary agency,

creating new ways to explore and expand Consciousness.

of a Universal Space.

And it is a fantasia,

an imaginal entryway into a New Reality.

Reality is astonishing.

The Present Dimension is born out of this existential marvel.

Billions of years and millions of minds collaborated to pull you towards this moment. As you read these words a universe of atoms and energies pulse through your Earthly body. We're so used to living that we often forget we're Alive.

This brand roots itself in the simple yet supreme realization that We are Here. We are Aware. We are Awake.

We are a collective of folks who find it Fun to investigate our own Being—to look it in its eye, heed its clarion call, and explore the bounding mystery of Life in motion.

This brand is about finding, feeling and freeing our consciousness.

It is a prism to shine Life through. What beams out the other end is the wonder within you.

The highwire act of humankind
is a balance in the wind.
Culture gusts and toils
our minds into a spin.
The string beneath our feet
is an eternal conversation,
Rising out from foot through crown
into our Shared Imagination.
The Present Dimension is,
above it all, an inquiry:
How may we walk together
into The Great Mystery?
Join in Awe.